Why we are so into Pinot Noir

“Ever since Sideways, people all over the world have been trying to love
pinot noir.” The sommelier says Pinot has always been bitter but the love
scene in the movie was so ripe with hope that now thousands are swarming,
like bees, to suck a fleeting drop of sweetness from the bottle. Its flavor is
ancient, and so hard to find, Giamatti explains. It will haunt you. The woman
in the cabernet blouse leans forward. She spills over. Here in the purple blue
light of the late living room, we lean in too. We know why we harvest the
small grapes too soon. We know why we’ve tried all our lives to love Pinot
as much as the next stumbling lover of Sauvignon Blanc: we need to believe.
We are thin skinned. We are bitter. We are dark, ancient. Fallen, and utterly
crushed. We are trying to love one another.

– for Steven, and the writers of Sideways