Not in the News – April

Like it or not, we are all stakeholders in current events – witnesses or participants in the chaos – but what is the media NOT telling us? What are we missing?

Wire tapping. Russian collusion. Tansgender bathroom wars. Terrorism. Keeping pace with today’s breaking news is socially responsible, and exhausting. We’re smart, savvy and sick of the trending negativity.

This is your source for stories that are not making headline news – but should be.

Paint, Write, Sing: How the Arts Help Heal Patients

By Kristine Crane, Contributor

Paint brushes and IV tubes may not seem to have much in common, but the arts are increasingly touted as a form of healing that can be as relevant to a patient’s well-being as medication. And nearly half the health care institutions in the U.S. have implemented arts programs. Read More

4 Young Girls on GoFundMe Have Done More for the World Than Most Adults

The old saying “girls rule, boys drool” may not be exactly true, but these four young females are making a huge difference in their communities despite their age.
From providing supplies to the local homeless people or promoting literacy amongst fellow youngsters, these girls are kicking butt in ways that some adults may never achieve. So in honor of International Women’s Month, here’s some of the most impressive girls on GoFundMe today. Read More