Call it science: lead is just a little heavier inside the body of a child. Butterflies in her stomach with cast iron wings. A weight in his chest though his mother is out of the hospital now and his father is one of the few with a job. Strange lump in his throat that he can’t understand; he is happy. She’s happy too. She’s dizzy and thinks the pink cloud in her brain must be love. She’s so thirsty. HerRead more


I tried on his underwear once. Slid them up over my hips and I was a man. No. A boy: adolescent, uncertain, amazed and afraid of the gun that was suddenly cocked. No one prepares you for this – the Adam, the urge, the fragile egg begging to live and the double entendre of crush. Is this what it’s like when the whole world is riding on you and your unsteady aim? What if this loneliness only increases with age?Read more


O, he was the father of a nation and my own sweet cheating daddy: president, husband, die-hard fan of Miss Monroe and her blown-sky-high skirt. I was a lady, though first never mattered to me. I was fashion: fur collar, black glasses – the classiest girl in the plaza that bright day in Dallas. A crinkle of linen, a whip-crack. A bullet fired will not forgive. O spacious sky, have you ever seen grace crawl away on all fours? LikeRead more

Why we are so into Pinot Noir

“Ever since Sideways, people all over the world have been trying to love pinot noir.” The sommelier says Pinot has always been bitter but the love scene in the movie was so ripe with hope that now thousands are swarming, like bees, to suck a fleeting drop of sweetness from the bottle. Its flavor is ancient, and so hard to find, Giamatti explains. It will haunt you. The woman in the cabernet blouse leans forward. She spills over. Here inRead more

Why we never could give love a rest

Nobody tells you that love is half jazz singer, half circus freak. The bone of his blues and the bright tiger shine of your skin. The blue moon the night you were swooning to lose. The booze moon the night he came back, tapping. The straps on your safety net straining, the rain on your stomach, his back again always comes back again, crooning. The record wants to be sung. The record wants to be scratched hard. The album isRead more

Ever Pink

She was soft, pearly pink. Or at least that’s how my father’s mother’s ghost looks to me now as I sit half-asleep by the tree, drifting slowly – like snow – into the Christmas memories that made my childhood shimmer. Her kitchen was warm and always smelled like savory-sweet baked ham, simmering in the pink iron oven. Mamaw grew up in the south where love is served up in huge helpings of comfort food, and her cooking made our smallRead more


If you build a wall, I will dig a tunnel. If you fill the tunnel, I will learn to fly. If you clip my wings, I will learn to swim. Haven’t you heard? I was born in water – just like you. I can hold my breath forever. If your country’s beauty takes my breath away – I will tear out my heart, my lungs, my eyes. Only my mouth will remain. My throat will open. My song of yourRead more