Not in the News


Like it or not, we are all stakeholders in current events – witnesses or participants in the chaos – but what is the media NOT telling us? What are we missing?

Wire tapping. Russian collusion. Tansgender bathroom wars. Terrorism. Keeping pace with today’s breaking news is socially responsible, and exhausting. We’re smart, savvy and sick of the trending negativity.

This is your source for stories that are not making headline news – but should be.

Bomb Squad Creates Beeping Easter Egg Hunt for Blind Children

Finally – a weapon aimed at hopelessness.
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Strangers surprise Popeyes employee with nursing school tuition

Look what happens when serving others boomerangs back.
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IKEA Donates Doll Beds to Shelter Cats Waiting to be Adopted

A rare gift: one retail giant has a huge heart to match.
This is what pure happiness looks like

4 Young Girls on GoFundMe Have Done More for the World than Most Adults

These girls have restored my hope for the future!
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